Latest Case Studies

  • Standard Chartered Bank Singapore: Embracing the Silver Lining

    by Assoc Prof Thompson Teo, Ms Sok Chin Lim (BBA graduated student), Mr Jun Xiao Lau (BBA graduated student) and Ms Yun Shan Amanda Chua (BBA graduated student)

    Publication Date: 31/07/2018

    Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (Standard Chartered) was part of an international banking group that focused on the creation of...

  • Sika: Optimizing The APAC Epoxy Flooring Supply Chain

    Assoc Prof Singfat Chu and Mr Bruno Oehy (EMBA student)

    Publication Date: 29/03/2018

    In mid-2017, the regional head of Operations and Supply Chain at Sika AG, a Swiss specialty...



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