Latest Case Studies

  • Xiaomi Corporation: Initial Public Offering

    by Prof Allaudeen Hameed, Assoc Prof Ruth Tan, Dr Weina Zhang and Mr Marshall Too (BBA graduated student)

    Publication date: 30/06/2019

    The initial public offering of the Chinese company, Xiaomi Corporation (Xiaomi), would start trading on the Hong Kong Exchanges and...

  • Samsui: Social Return on Investment

    By Dr Weina Zhang, Assoc Prof Ruth S.K. Tan, Mr Dingyan Khoo (BBA graduated student) , Mr Gerald Chee Hean Koh (BBA graduated student), Mr Damien Wai Cheong Lam (BBA graduated student), Mr Dehn Wei Jie See Toh (BBA graduated student)

    Publication Date: 02/08/2019

    Samsui Supplies & Services Private Limited provided 1.8 million meals annually to long-term care facilities in Singapore through the company’s...



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