Wai Yin, Audrey
CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey Associate Professor (Educator Track) Department:  Management & Organisation Office:  BIZ1-8-47 Contact:  +65-6516-6441 Email:  bizchiaa@nus.edu.sg Curriculum Vitae

Audrey is Associate Professor of Management & Organization, NUS Business School. She holds a joint appointment at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore. Using leadership and change as theoretical foundations, she studies how social and health problems can be addressed by social entrepreneurship and innovative philanthropy. She is interested in mul ...[More+]

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Membership &
    • Social Innovation & Philanthropy
    • Workplace Health And Healthcare Leadership: Integration Of Workplace Health And Safety
    • Leadership & Change: Leading Transformation And Transition In Organisations
    • Diversity In Organisations: Special Focus On Gender
    • Business With A Conscience: Innovative Responses To Social Problems, E.g., Health, Poverty
    • Journal Articles
      • LIM YEE WEI and CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2016), "Social Entrepreneurship: Improving Global Health", JAMA-Journal of the American Medical Association, 315, 22, 2393-2394
      • Waters C, Ling EP, CHU A, SHERYL NG HUI XIAN, CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, LIM YEE WEI and MUELLER-RIEMENSCHNEIDER FALK (2016), "Assessing and understanding sedentary behaviour in office-based working adults: a mixed-method approach", Bmc Public Health
      • Chia, S E, Sng, J and CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2014), "A Total Workplace Safety and Health Service - What Are the Implications for the Employees and Employers?", Annals Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 43, 9, 475-476
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2014), "Multiple contexts and perspectives: ethics education in business", Journal of the NUS Teaching Academy (JNUSTA)
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2013), "The Business School Perspective", Journal of the NUS Teaching Academy (JNUSTA)
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Lim,S.M. (2000), "The effects of moral intensity on moral issue recognition", Journal of Business Ethics, 27, 255-269
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2000), "Singapore’s Economic Internationalisation and its Effects on Work and Family", Sojourn, 15(1), 123—138
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (1998), "Seeing and Believing: The Variety of Scientists’ Responses to Data", Science Communication, 19 (4), 366—391
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Koehler, J. J. and Lindsey, S. (1995), "The Random Match Probability error in DNA evidence: Irrelevant and prejudicial?", Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology, 35(2), 201 — 219
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Beyer, J. M. (1992), "Prevention is the best cure for ethical dilemmas", Academy of Management Executive, 6(2), 91 — 94
    • Books/Monographs
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Jean Chia (2014), "Charting a greener course in Shipping: Incorporating Environmental Performance Indicators in a Tanker Pool System", Sustainability Matters: Asia`s Green Challenges
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Candeto, C.B. (2014), "Empowering the Bottom of the Pyramid: Government, Business, and Solar Power in India", Sustainability Matters: Asia`s Green Challenges
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, HS Khoo and Lim, VKG (2013), "Good Intentions gone Awry at the National Kidney Foundation", Introduction to Non-Profit Management, 2 ed.
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Angeline Lim (2012), "Alexandra Hospital, Singapore: Realizing the value of older workers", Global Human Resource Management Casebook
      • Lye, L H I, CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Chou, L, Pub, G and Kua, H (2011), "Introduction: Sustainability matters - challenges and opportunities in environmental management in Asia", xxix-xxxviii, In L. H. I. Lye (Ed.) Sustainability Matters - Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in Asia, Singapore: Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Richard Que and James Chan (2011), "DBS Bank: Keeping the faith", Contemporary Strategic Management : an Australasian perspective
      • Lye, L.H., Chou, L.M, CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Kua, H.W. (2011), "Sustainability Matters: Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in Asia", Pearson Prentice-Hall
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Lim, A (2010), "Singapore: Equality Harmony and Fair Employment", 198-217, International Handbook on Diversity Management at Work: Country Perspectives on Diversity and Equal Treatment
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Cheryl Tay and Mina Westman (2008), "Antecedents and Consequences of Cultural Intelligence among Short Term Business Travelers", Handbook of cultural Intelligence
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Campbell, K. and Campbell, D. (2001), "Regionalisation: Policy Issues for Singapore", In L. Low & D. Johnston (eds.) Singapore Inc. Singapore: Times Academic Press.
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Lee, J. and Campbell, K. (1999), "The Three Paradoxes: Working Women in Singapore. ", Singapore: AWARE.
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Putti, J. M. (1990), "Culture and Management: A casebook.", ingapore : McGraw-Hill Book Company.
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (1990), "Ethics and Management", In C. Pan (ed.) Ethics and Self-Interest. Singapore: Institute of East Asian Philosophies.
      • Lye, L H I and CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey "Towards Sustainable Development: A Master Plan for Food Waste Management in Singapore", 257-306, In L. M. Chou, A. Chia, A. Gunawansa, & H. Kua (Eds.), Sustainability Matters - Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in Asia , Singapore:Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd
    • Conference/Seminars
      • LIM YEE WEI, CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and TONG, Yew Kwan (2016), "An odd couple: A large public hospital working with a small private general practice group to integrate care", 16th International Conference of Integrated Care
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Khoo Hwee Sing (2011), "Duke-NUS Medical School: Toward a successful Educational Transplant", Academy of Management Meeting
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey, Alain Klarsfeld, Marloes van Engen, Rana Haq, Eddy Ng and Jawad Syed (2010), "Country perspectives on diversity and equal treatment policies and practices: lessons from 16 countries", International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey (2002), "Effects of business travel on work, family and health", International Congress of Applied Psychology
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Chia Nah Nah (2002), "Ethical decision making: Application of an integrated model of individual difference variables and a modified theory of planned behaviour.", International Congress of Applied Psychology
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and James Weichun Zhu (2002), "The influence of frequent business travel on family", Society of Industrial and Applied Psychology
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Yeo, W.L. (2000), "Globalisation and the experiences of frequent business travellers: The case of Singapore", Management Research News 23(2/3/4) 64—65.
    • Working Papers
      • CHIA, Wai Yin, Audrey and Carrie B. Candeto (2011), "Towards a Carbon-Neutral Bra: MAS Intimates factory in Thurulie, Sri Lanka"
    • University Teaching Excellence Award - 2008
    • Outstanding Educator Award (BIZ faculty) - 2007
    • University Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (NUS) - 2006
    • University GEM incentive award - 2006
    • Outstanding Educator Award (MNO) - 2005
    • Teaching Excellence Award - 1998
    • University Achievement Award - 1998
    • Teaching Excellence Award - 1997
    • University Achievement Award - 1997
    • US Govt International Visitor Programme Grant - 1996
    • Ph.D., Management (Organisation Science), University of Texas, Austin, USA, 1995
    • B.A. Hons., National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1985
    • Co-Director, National University of Singapore Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, 2011 - 2013
    • Vice Dean, University Scholars Programme, NUS, 2002
    • Assistant Dean, University Scholars Programme, 2000 - 2001
    • Sub-Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, National University of Singapore, 1998 - 1999
    • Acting Director, American Studies Centre, National University of Singapore, 1997 - 1998
    • Lecturer, National University of Singapore, 1995 - 1998
    • Deputy Director, American Studies Centre, National University of Singapore, 1995 - 1997
    • Senior Tutor, National University of Singapore, 1995
    • Stanford-NUS Executive Management Programme
    • General Management Programme (Public Programme)
    • Advanced Management Programme
    • Temasek Foundation-NUS Program for Leadership in University Management
    • Program Director, National University of Singapore Senior Management Leadership Programme
    • Director, Leadership Development Programme (Public Programme)
    • L'Oreal
    • Healthcare Leadership Program Director, NUS Initiative to Improve Health in Asia
    • Programme Director, Jones Lang Lasalle
    • AES Corporation
    • Mitsui & Co.
    • Dentsu
    • Asahi Glass Corporation
    • Program Director, PT ASTRA International Tbk
    • DHL
    • Program Director, Bridgestone Corporation
    • Maersk
    • Program Director, McDonald's
    • Telenor
    • Samsung
    • Panasonic
    • Exel (now DHL-Exel)
    • Schenker-Bax Global
    • Catalyst
    • Elf Aquitane (now Total Fina Elf)
    • Royal Brunei Airlines
    • MNO2706, Business Communication for Leaders
    • GEK1047, Organisational Culture and Power
    • MNO3313A, Managing Change Processes
    • MNO3331, Business with a Social Conscience
    • MNO3314, Social and Ethical Issues in Management
    • BMA5405, Managing Change
    • BMA5016, Leadership in Organisations
    • BMU5013, International Management Strategies
    • BMU5001, Leadership & Managerial Skills
    • Academy of Management
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    Media (TV, newspapers, magazines)*
    Think Business, Bizblogs
    • • Invited Moderator and Speaker for the panel, "The Science of Pandemics and Infectious Diseases", Xiong ‘An International Health Forum, 15 November 2018
    • • Invited speaker on Innovation for Sustainable Development at Xiong ‘An International Health Forum, 14 November 2018
    • • Invited Speaker, National Healthcare Group. “Reflections on Healthcare: Engagement, Leadership and Change”., 5 November 2018
    • Invited Speaker on Social Innovation in Asia & Beyond at Future Makers 2018 jointly hosted by Singtel-raiSE-AVPN (AVPN =Asian Venture Philanthropy Network)., 9 October 2018
    • Invited speaker, Asia Risk Management Institute Risk Innovation Forum 2018 Getting Future Ready. Topic: Developing a Strategic Risk Smart Approach to Human Capital Management in today’s Digital Age, 5 October 2018
    • Invited Speaker, 26 January 2016
      ADB Session at Prince Mahidol Award Conference, on Private Sector Philanthropy and Universal Health Coverage
    • Invited Expert, 4 November 2015
      United Nations United Nations Experts’ Group Meeting on Trade Policies for Sustainable Development
    • Keynote Speaker, 9 September 2015
      Keynote Speaker, Festival of Connecting. Leuven, Belgium Topic: “Connecting for Social Innovation in Asia”. Co-Organised by the European Union, European Commission, KU Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven) and Flanders Synergy.
    • Senior Expert, 6 July 2015
      Asian Development Bank and Asia Pacific Malaria Leaders' Alliance Senior Experts Consultation on Resource Mobilization for Malaria and Health Security
    • Invited Expert, 9 June 2015
      OECD/UN/ESCAP-ADB Regional Consultation on Inclusive Growth in Southeast Asia

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