SANKARAGURUSWAMY, Srinivasan Associate Professor Department:  Accounting Office:  BIZ1 7-34 Contact:  (65) 6516 4473 Email: Curriculum Vitae
/ Teaching
    • Auditing
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Financial Accounting
    • Journal Articles
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan and Shen, J., Yamada, T (2013), "The relationship between the frequency of news release and the information asymmetry: The role of uninformed trading.", Journal of Banking & Finance, 37(11), 4134-4143, (forthcoming)
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan (2012), "Investor sentiment and stock market response to earnings news", Accounting Review, The paper has gone to the second round and we resubmitted the paper in July 2010.
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan (2009), "The Value of Combining Analysts' Stock Recommendations and Target Prices", Journal of Financial Markets
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan, S. Asthana and S. Balsam (2004), "Differential response of small, medium and large traders to 10-K filing on the internet via Edgar", Accounting Review
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan and S. Whisenant (2004), "An empirical analysis of voluntary supplied client-auditor realignment reasons", Auditing-A Journal of Practice & Theory
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan, S. Whisenant and R. Raghunandan (2003), "Evidence on the joint determination of audit and non-audit fees", Journal of Accounting Research, 41(4)
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan, S. Whisenant and R. Raghunandan (2003), "Market reaction to disclosure of reportable events", Auditing-A Journal of Practice & Theory, 22(1)
    • Working Papers
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan and Joseph Engelberg (2007), "How to gather data using a web crawler: An application using SAS to search EDGAR"
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan and S. Whisenant (2003), "Pricing initial audit engagements: empirical evidence following public disclosure of audit fees"
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan, Shen Jianfeng and Takeshi Yamada "The Relationship between the Information Content of Trades and Frequency of Public Information Release: The Role of Informed and Uninformed Trading"
      • Sankaraguruswamy, Srinivasan, Wen He and Mujtaba Mian "Market sentiment, investor size and reaction to firm specific news"
    • PhD, Accounting, minor Finance, Purdue University, USA, 1996
    • Master of Commerce, Accounting, minor Finance, Delhi University, India, 1991
    • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, minor Business Law, Osmania University, India, 1985
    • Academic Fellow, The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 2002 - 2003
    • Assistant Professor, Georgetown University, 1996 - 2003

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