FU, Qiang Director, China Business Centre (CBC)
Associate Professor
Department:  Strategy & Policy Office:  BIZ1 6-42 Contact:  (65) 6516-3775 Email:  bizfq@nus.edu.sg Personal website Curriculum Vitae
/ Teaching
    • Applied Game Theory
    • Political Economy
    • Organizational Economics
    • Journal Articles
      • Fu, Qiang, Gong, J. and Png, I. P. L. (2018), "Law, social responsibility, and outsourcing", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 57, 114-146
      • Fu, Qiang and Chen, J. (2017), "Do exclusivity arrangements harm consumers?", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 51(3), 311-339
      • Fu, Qiang, Lu, J. and Zhang, J. (2016), "Disclosure Policy in Tullock Contests with Asymmetric Stochastic Entry", Canadian Journal of Economics-Revue Canadienne D Economique, 49(1), 52-75
      • Fu, Qiang, Jiao, Q. and Lu, J. (2015), "Contests with Endogenous Entry", International Journal of Game Theory, 44(2), 387-424
      • Fu, Qiang, Ke, C. and Tan, F. (2015), "Success Breeds Success" or "Pride Goes Before a Fall?": Teams and Individuals in Multi-Contest Tournaments", Games and Economic Behavior, 94, 57-79
      • Fu, Qiang, Lu, J. and Pan, Y. (2015), "Team Contests with Multiple Pairwise Battles", American Economic Review, 105(7), 2120-2140
      • Fu, Qiang, Jiao, Q. and Lu, J. (2014), "Disclosure policy in a multi-prize all-pay auction with stochastic abilities", Economics Letters, 125(3), 376-380
      • Fu, Qiang and Li, M. (2014), "Reputation-Concerned Policy Makers and Institutional Status quo bias", Journal of Public Economics, 110, 15-25
      • Fu, Qiang, Lu, J. and Wang, Z. (2014), ""Reverse" nested lottery contests", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 50, 128-140
      • Fu, Qiang, Oliver Gurtler and Johannes Munster (2013), "Communication and Commitment in Contests", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 95, 1-19, (Netherlands)
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2013), "Competitive Effects of Cross-Shareholdings in All-Pay Auctions with Complete Information", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31(3), 267-277, (Netherlands)
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2012), "The Optimal Multi-Stage Contest", Economic Theory, 51(2), 351-382, (United States)
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2012), "A Micro-Foundation for Generalized Multi-Prize Contests: A Noisy Ranking Perspective", Social Choice and Welfare, 38(3), 497-517, (Germany)
      • Fu, Qiang, Yuanzhu Lu and Jingfeng Lu (2012), "Incentivizing R&D: Prize or Subsidies?", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30(1), 67-79, (Netherlands)
      • Fu, Qiang, Qian Jiao and Jingfeng Lu (2011), "On the Optimal Disclosure Policy in Contests with Stochastic Entries", Public Choice, 148(3-4), 419-434
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2010), "Contest Design and Optimal Endogenous Entry", Economic Inquiry, 48(1), 80-88
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2009), "Contests with Pre-Investment", Economics Letters, 103(3), 142-145
      • Fu, Qiang and Jingfeng Lu (2009), "The Beauty of "Bigness"", Games and Economic Behavior, 66(1), 146-161
      • Fu, Qiang (2006), "Endogenous Timing of Contest with Asymmetric Information", Public Choice, 129(1-2), 1-23, (lead article)
      • Fu, Qiang (2006), "A Theory of Affirmative Action in College Admissions", Economic Inquiry, 420-429
    • Working Papers
      • Fu, Qiang and Soma Dey "Product Differentiation and R&D Competition with Endogenous Spillover"
      • Fu, Qiang and Ming Li "A Theory of Reform with Politicians` Reputation Concerns"
      • Fu, Qiang and Qingxia Kong "Multiple Joint Venture as a Cure for Moral Hazard"
    • Ph.D., Economics, Indiana University, USA, 2005
    • M.A., Economics, Indiana University, USA, 2003
    • M.Sc., Management, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2001
    • B.E., Business Administration, Peking University, China, 1998
    • Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, 2012 - current
    • Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore, 2005 - 2012
    • BSP1005, Managerial Economics
    • BMA5001, Managerial Economics
    • BBP6793, Microeconomic Theory

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