NARAYANAN, Jayanth Associate Professor Department:  Management & Organisation Office:  BIZ1-8-50 Contact:  +65-6516 3190 Email:  bizjayan@nus.edu.sg Curriculum Vitae

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Research / Teaching Areas
  • Physiological Mechanisms In Management
  • Social Consequences Of Mindfulness
  • Understanding The Psychological Effects Of Power And Status On People In Interactions
Selected Publications
  • Journal Articles
    • Prasad S, NARAYANAN, Jayanth , LIM, Kim Geok, Vivien, Koh G C H, Koh D S Q and Metha P H (2017), "Preliminary Evidence that Acute Stress Moderates Basal Testosterone's Association wtih Retaliatory Behaviour", HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR
    • Tai, K., NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Kinias, Z. (2013), "Power motivates interpersonal connection following social exclusion", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 122(2), 257-265
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Reb, J. and Ho, Z.W. (2013), "Mindfulness at Work: Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Awareness and Absent-mindedness", Mindfulness
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Reb, J. (2013), "The Influence of Mindful Attention on Value Claiming in Distributive Negotiations: Evidence from Four Laboratory Experiments", Mindfulness
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Reb, J. and Chaturvedi, S (2012), "Leading mindfully: Two studies on the influence of supervisor trait mindfulness on employee well-being and performance", Mindfulness, Volume 5, Issue 1, 36-45
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Tai, K and McAllister, Daniel J (2012), "Envy as Pain: Rethinking The Nature of Envy and its Implications for Employees and Organizations", Academy of Management Review, Vol. 37 Issue 1, 107
    • Tai, K, NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Zheng, X (2011), "Touching a Teddy Bear Mitigates Negative Effects of Social Exclusion to Increase Pro-Social Behavior", Social Psychological and Personality Science, 2(6), 618-626
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Wang, C. S., Sivanathan, N., Ganegoda, D., Bauer, M, Bodenhausen, G. and Murnighan, J. K (2011), "Retribution and rumination: The costs and benefits of time delay in angry economic interactions", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 116(1), 46-54
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Zyphur, M. J., Koh, G. and Koh. D (2009), "Testosterone-Status Mismatch Lowers Collective Efficacy in Groups:Evidence from a Slope-as-Predictor Multilevel Structural Equation Model", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Volume 110, Issue 2, 70–79
    • Zyphur, M. J., Arvey, R. D., Chaturvedi, S., Avolio, B.J, Lichtenstein, P., Larsson, G and NARAYANAN, Jayanth (2009), "The Genetic Basis of Entrepreneurship: Effects of Gender and Personality", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Volume 110, Issue 2, 93–107
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Zyphur, M. J., RICHARD ARVEY and Alexander, G (2009), "The genetics of economic risk preferences", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Volume 22, Issue 4, 367–377
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Moynihan, L (2006), "Mindful at work: Beneficial effects of job burnout", Academy of Management Proceedings, Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2006 Best paper proceedings of AOM
  • Books/Monographs
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Prasad, S (2011), "Physiology in Negotiations", In Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making edited Michael Benoliel.
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Nicholson, N (2008), "Evolutionary Psychology", in Clegg, S. & Bailey, J. (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth , Ronson S and Pillutla M (2006), "Groups as enablers of unethical behavior: The role of cohesion", In Mannix, B., Neale, M. and Tenburnsel, A. (eds.) Research on Managing Groups and Teams (Vol. 8)
    • NARAYANAN, Jayanth and Pillutla, M (2005), "Social loafing", in Nicholson, N., Pillutla, M., Audia, P. Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Organisational Behavior
& Awards
  • Department Outstanding Educator Award (NUS) - 2007
Education Qualifications
  • Ph.D., London Business School, UK, 2006
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources, Human Resources, XLRI Jamshedpur, India, 2000
  • Bachelor of Engineering, RVCE, Bangalore University, India, 1996
  • MNO3313H, Negotiations & Bargaining
  • MNO3301, Organizational Behavior
  • BMO6001, Phd Seminar in Organizational Behavior
  • BMA5406, Negotiation & Conflict Management
Membership & Professional Activities
  • Reviewer, OB Division & CM Division, Academy of Management
  • Reviewer, Human Relations
  • Reviewer, Academy of Management Review
  • Reviewer, British Journal of Management
  • Reviewer, The Economic Journal
  • Reviewer, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (2012 -
  • Reviewer, Academy of Management Journal
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Management Inquiry (2008 - present
  • Member, International Association for Conflict Management
  • Member, Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  • Member, Society of Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Member, Academy of Management - CM & OB Divisions

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