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Marleen Dieleman is an expert on strategy and governance in Asian family business groups. She published widely on this and her work is regularly quoted in international media. She won various teaching awards and is a regular speaker. She also worked with various Asian family firms as a consultant and board member.

Marleen's research focuses on corporate strategy, in par ...[More+]

Awards &
    • Asian Family Business
    • Emerging Market Strategy
    • Indonesia
    • Business Groups
    • Institutional Entrepreneurship
    • Journal Articles
    • Books/Monographs
      • Chinese Indonesians and Regime Change, with Juliette Koning and Peter Post (2010), Brill Press
      • The value of social capital to family enterprises in Indonesia, with M. Carney and W.M. Sachs (2008), P. Phan, S. Venkataraman and R. Velamuri (eds), Entrepreneurship in emerging regions around the world: Theory, evidence and implications. Edward Elgar
      • Heroes and Villains: Ethnic Chinese family business in Southeast Asia, with M. Carney (2008), P.Phan and J.E. Butler (eds), Theoretical developments and future research in family Business. Information Age Press
      • Expropriation of minority shareholders or social dividend? Beware of good corporate citizens, with W.M. Sachs (2008), G. Suder (ed), International business under adversity: A role in corporate responsibility, conflict prevention and peace. Elgar Publishing
      • Reluctant internationalization: The case of the Salim Group, with Sachs, W.M. (2008), Suryadinata, L. (ed), Ethnic Chinese in contemporary Indonesia. ISEAS Press
      • The Rhythm of Strategy: A Corporate Biography of the Salim Group of Indonesia, (2007), Amsterdam University Press
    • Conference/Seminars
      • Institutional entrepreneurship across borders, with Markus Taussig and Michael Carney (2012), nominated for best paper, EGOS
      • Using organization structure to manage political ties: The Salim business group in Indonesia, with Jean Boddewyn (2010), Academy of Management
      • International institutional entrepreneurship, with M. Carney (2009), Academy of Management
      • Family business group structure and non-market forces in emerging markets, (2008), Academy of International Business
      • The internationalization of Indonesian business groups: Crisis, institutional change and corporate responses, (2008), Academy of International Business
      • Regime change, crumbling social capital, and firm responses: A tale of two Indonesian giants, with P. Post (2008), EGOS
      • Years of living dangerously: Family firm advantage in hostile environments, with M. Carney and W.M. Sachs (2007), Special Issue Conference on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Regions of the Journal of Business Venturing
      • The evolution of ethnic Chinese business networks: The case of the Salim Group, with W.M. Sachs (2007), Asia Pacific Management and Business Conference
      • Institutional entrepreneurship in emerging markets: A coevolutionary perspective, with W.M. Sachs (2007), Academy of International Business
      • Managing dilemmas in organizations, irregular oscillation and coevolving causalities, with W.M. Sachs, B. McKelvey, R. Kaminska-Labbe, C. Thomas and J. Fendt (2006), EGOS Conference
      • Economies of connectedness: Illustrated by the Salim Group of Indonesia., with W.M. Sachs (2006), Strategic Management Society
    • Others
      • Innovating in Emerging Markets: 7-Eleven Indonesia, with Mahmood, Ishtiaq P and Darmawan P (2015), Innovating in Emerging Markets: 7-Eleven Indonesia
      • Shades of Diversity: Analysing Board Composition in Asia Pacific, with Qian M, Ibrahim M and LIM, Kim Geok, Vivien (2015), Shades of Diversity: Analysing Board Composition in Asia Pacific
      • Building and sustaining competitive advantage: Sheng Siong's supermarket, with Loh Yirong and Lee Ye Jun (2014), Ivey Case publishing 9B14M108
      • The Rodamas Group (B): Designing the portfolio, (2014), Ivey Case Publishing 9B14M029
      • Balancing stakeholder interests at the Indonesian Railways, (2013), 9B13M041w, Ivey Case Publishing
      • Succession in Asian Family Firms, with Jonathan Ho Wye Kit (2012), (teaching case & teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing 9B12M039W.
      • Filling institutional voids in Indonesia: Jababeka?s foray into infrastructure, (2012), (teaching case and teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing 9B12M073W
      • Strategic entrepreneurship in emerging market multinationals: Marco Polo Marine, with Lee Yue-Jer (2011), (teaching case & teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing: 9B11M046W
      • The IOI Group: Creating a Malaysian palm oil multinational, with Megha Mittal (2010), (teaching case & teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing: 9B10M068W
      • The Rodamas Group: Designing strategies for changing realities in emerging economies, with Shawkat Kamal (2009), (teaching case & teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing: 8b09M49W
      • The Ciputra Group: Shaping the city in Asia, (2009), (teaching case & teaching note), Ivey Case Publishing: 8b09M84W
    • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award - 2015
    • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award - 2015
    • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award - 2014
    • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award - 2014
    • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award - 2013
    • BoardAgender Champion - 2012
    • PhD, Leiden University, Netherlands, 2007
    • Master of Business Science, Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands, 1997
    • Associate Professor , National University of Singapore, 2013 - current
    • Associate Director, CGIO, National University of Singapore, 2010 - current
    • Senior Researcher, National University of Singapore, 2010 - 2013
    • Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore, 2007 - 2010
    • Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean (LUSM), Leiden University, 2000 - 2007
    • Independent Director, Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd, 2014 - 2016
    • Consultant, Various Asian family firms
    • BSP3513, Family Business
    • BSP3001, Business Policy and Strategy
    • BMA5901, Management Practicum
    • BMA5119, Strategy in Asian Family Firms
    • BMA5013, Corporate Strategy
    • BCP4002, Consulting Practicum
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