WIWATTANAKANTANG, Yupana Associate Professor Department:  Finance Office:  BIZ1 7-46 Contact:  (65) 6516 1912 Email:  bizyw@nus.edu.sg Curriculum Vitae
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    • Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Finance
    • Journal Articles
    • Books/Monographs
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana and Piruna Polsiri (2006), "Thai Business Groups: Crisis and Restructuring", in Business Groups in East Asia after the Crisis, edited by Sea-Jin Chang, University of Oxford Press
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana and Joseph Fan (2006), "Corporate Governance of Banks in East Asia", in Corporate governance of banks in Asia: A study of Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Malaysia, and Thailand, Volume 1 edited by Sang-Woo Nam and Chee Soon Lum, Asian Development Bank Institute.
      • Piruna Polsiri and Wiwattanakantang, Yupana (2006), "Corporate governance of banks in Thailand", in Corporate governance of banks in Asia: A study of Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand, Volume 1 edited by Sang-Woo Nam and Chee Soon Lum, Asian Development Bank Institute.
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana, Masaharu Hanazaki and Toshiyuki Souma (2005), "Silent Large Shareholders and Entrenched Bank Management: Evidence from the Banking Crisis in Japan", in Japan after the Lost Decade, edited by Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University Press, (in Japanese), page 41-74.
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana, Adrian van Rixtel, Toshiyuki Souma and Kazunori Suzuki (2004), "Banking in Japan: Will Too Big To Fail Prevail?", in Too-Big-To-Fail: Policies and Practices in Government Bailouts, edited by Benton Gup, Praeger, 253-284.
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana, Anya Khanthavit and Piruna Polsiri (2003), "Did families lose or gain control after the East Asian financial crisis?", 247-272, in Designing Financial Systems for East Asia and Japan, edited by Joseph Fan, Masaharu Hanazaki and Juro Teranishi
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana, Chaiyasit Anuchitworawong and Toshiyuki Soma (2003), "Family Ownership of Financial Institutions: Evidence from Thailand", in Corporate Governance in East Asian and Japan, edited by Hanazaki Masaharu, and Teranishi Juro, Tokyo University Press (in Japanese), 397-420.
      • Rixtel, Adrian van, Souma, Toshiyuki, Suzuki, Kazunori and Wiwattanakantang, Yupana (2002), "Banking in Japan: Will "Too Big To Fail" Prevail?", 253-284
    • Working Papers
    • Others
      • Wiwattanakantang, Yupana (2017), "Leonisa: A Sucession Crisis Among Second Gens", Case Study, INSEAD
    • Ph.D., Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Japan, 2000
    • M.A., Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Japan, 1995
    • M.A., Economics, Thammasat University, Thailand, 1991
    • B.A., Economics, Thammasat University, Thailand, 1988
    • Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, 2010 - current
    • Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, 2008 - 2010
    • Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2010
    • Visiting Professor, ESCP-EAP School of Management, 2009
    • Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, 2003 - 2008
    • Visiting Professor, University of Alberta, 2007
    • Visiting Professor, New York University, 2007
    • Visiting Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, 2006
    • Visiting Scholar, The World Bank, 2006
    • Visiting Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, 2000 - 2003
    • BMA5119, Strategy in Asian Family Firms
    • BMA5322, Corporate Governance & Financial Policy
    • FIN4112L, SIF: Corporate Governance & Financial Policy
    • Academic Reviewer, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Research and Services, Journal of International Business Studies, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Review of Financial Economics
    • Mass Media Citations, The Business Times (Singapore), Dons Offer Insights for Regional Firms Going Global, May 4, 2011; Financial Times, Japan Plutocrats Succeed with Sons-In-Law, February 12, 2009; Financial Times, A Word if Caution for Ambitious Westerners, March 5, 2009
    • Invited Seminars, The Bank of Japan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, Copenhagen Business School, The Development Bank of Japan,The European Central Bank, Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Osaka University, Stock Exchange of Thailand
    • Conferences, The Western Finance Association Meeting (2009, 2010), The NBER Summer Institute Meeting (2010), The Financial Intermediation Research Society's Conference (2004, 2006, 2008, 2011), The 2007 American Finance Association Meeting

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