KEPPO, Jussi Associate Professor, Co-Director of Business Analytics Center Department:  Analytics & Operations Office:  BIZ1 8-77 Contact:  (65) 6601 2113 Email:  keppo@nus.edu.sg Personal website Curriculum Vitae

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Professor Keppo teaches risk management and analytics courses, and directs analytics executive education programs at NUS Business School.  He is also Co-Director of NUS Business Analytics Center.  Previously, he taught at the University of Michigan.

He has several publications in the top-tier journals such as Jour ...[More+]

Research Interests
  • Risk Management
  • Decision Making Under Uncertaintyy
  • Banking Regulation
  • Information Economics
  • Statistical Analysis Of Stochastic Processes
Selected Publications
  • Journal Articles
    • Risk-Aversion and B2B Contracting under Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Managed Print Services, with Ning J, Babich V and Handley J (2017), Operations Research
    • Risk Targeting and Policy Illusions - Evidence from the Announcement of the Volcker Rule, with Korte J (2016), Management Science
    • Hiring, Firing, and Relocation under Employment Protection, with DAI MIN and Tim Maull (2015), Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 56, 55-81
    • Unintended Consequences of the Market Risk Requirement in Banking Regulation, with Leonard Kofman and Xu Meng (2010), Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 34(10), 2192-2214
    • Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Decisions with Partially Observable Real Prices, with Alain Bensoussan and Suresh P. Sethi (2009), Mathematical Finance, 19(2), 215-236
    • The Demand for Information: More Heat than Light, with Lones Smith and Giuseppe Moscarini (2008), Journal of Economic Theory, 138(1), 01/01/2008
    • Optimal Electoral Timing: Exercise Wisely and You May Live Longer, with Dmitry Davydov and Lones Smith (2008), Review of Economic Studies, 75, 597-628
    • A Computational Scheme for the Optimal Strategy in an Incomplete Market, with Xu Meng and Michael G. Sullivan (2007), Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 31(11), 3591-3613
    • Optimal Bank Capital with Costly Recapitalization, with Samu Peura (2006), The Journal of Business , 79(4), 2163-2201
    • Pricing of Point-to-Point Bandwidth Contracts, (2005), Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 61(2), 191-218
Education Qualifications
  • Dr.Tech in Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 1998
  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 1995
Academic Experience
  • Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, 2013 - current
  • Visiting Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, 2012
  • Visiting Professor, Aalto University, 2011 - 2012
  • Associate Professor, University of Michigan, 2008 - 2012
  • Visiting Professor, Simon Fraser University, 2011
  • Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, 2000 - 2008
  • Visiting Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2007
  • Visiting Professor, Aalto University, 2001 - 2003
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Columbia University, 1998 - 2000
  • DSC5101, Analytics in Managerial Economics
  • DSC5211C, Quantitative Risk Management
  • DSC4213, Analytical Tools for Consulting
Societal Impact

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