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    • Revenue Management
    • Journal Articles
      • Kimes, Sherri and Jonathan W. Beard (2013), "The Future of Restaurant Revenue Management", Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 12, 464-469
      • Kimes, Sherri and Joel E. Collier (2013), "Only if it's Convenient: Understanding the Driving Factors of Self-service Technology Evaluation", Journal of Service Research, 16(1), 39-51
      • Kimes, Sherri, Kelly A. McGuire, Michael Lynn, Mellie Pullman and Russell Lloyd (2010), "Managing Customer Perceptions During Medium Duration Waits:The Impact of Activity Type on Satisfaction", Journal of Service Management, 21(3), 269-290
      • Kimes, Sherri and Jochen Wirtz (2007), "The Moderating Role of Familiarity in Fairness Perceptions of Revenue Management", Journal of Service Research, 9(3), 229-240
      • Kimes, Sherri and Gary M. Thompson (2005), "An Evaluation of Heuristic Methods for Determining the Best Table Mix in Full-Service Restaurants", Journal of Operations Management , 23(6), 599-617
      • Gary M. Thompson and Kimes, Sherri (2004), "Restaurant Revenue Management at Chevys: Determining the Best Table Mix", Decision Sciences, 35(3), 371-391
      • Kimes, Sherri and Jochen Wirtz (2003), "When Does Revenue Management Become Acceptable?", Journal of Service Research, 7(2), 125-135
      • Kimes, Sherri and Lawrence R. Weatherford (2003), "Forecasting Methods for Hotel Revenue Management: An Evaluation", International Journal of Forecasting, 19(3), 405-419
      • Kimes, Sherri (1999), "The Relationship Between Product Quality and Profitability at Holiday Inn", Journal of Service Research, 2(2), 138-144
      • Kimes, Sherri and Richard B. Chase (1998), "The Strategic Levers of Yield Management", Journal of Service Research
      • Kimes, Sherri (1990), "Yield Management: A Tool for Capacity-Constrained Service Firms", Journal of Operations Management , 8(4), 348-363
    • PhD, Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin, 1987
    • MBA, New Mexico State University, 1983
    • MA, Public Administration, University of Virginia, 1977
    • AB, Political Science and Mathematics, University of Missouri, 1975
    • Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore, 2014 - current
    • Professor, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, 1988 - current
    • Interim Dean, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, 2005 - 2006
    • Director of Graduate Studies, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, 2002 - 2005
    • Assistant Project Manager, Technological Innovation Center. New Mexico State University. Las Cruces, NM, 1982 - 1983
    • Energy Analyst and Seminar Instructor, Londe-Parker-Michels, Inc. St. Louis, MO, 1979 - 1982
    • Singapore Productivity Centre: Restaurant Revnue Management and Retail Revenue Management
    • Singapore Restaurant Association: Restaurant Revenue Management
    • Hong Kong Hotel Association: Revenue Management
    • Starwood Asia-Pacific Hotels: Restaurant Revenue Management
    • Fairmont-Raffles Hotels and Resorts: Restaurant Revenue Management
    • BMA5010A, Managing Operations
    • DSC3224, Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
    • Editorial Board, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
    • Editorial Board, Service Science
    • Editorial Board, Journal of Service Research
    • Editorial Board, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
    • Editorial Board, Journal of Operations Management

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