CAPRI, Alex Visiting Senior Fellow Department:  Analytics & Operations Office:  BIZ2 3-39 Contact:  (65) 6601 3274 Email: Curriculum Vitae

A global value chain (GVC) and international trade scholar with over 20 years of world-class business experience.  Adviser to leading MNEs, NGOs and governments on cross-border commerce and trade.

A thought leader re: the role of disruptive technology in GVCs.  Erudite in a broad range of GVC matters including customs, taxes, export sanctions and controls, good governance and ...[More+]

/ Teaching
Membership &
    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Non-tariff Barriers
    • Asean Economic Community (aec)
    • Technology And Trade Facilitation
    • Taxation And Gvcs
    • Transfer Pricing And Arms-length Testing
    • Ethics And Good Governance In Gvcs
    • Sustainable Supply Chains
    • Export Controls And Sanctions
    • Next-shoring And Gvcs
    • Journal Articles
      • Capri, Alex, Louis Abad, Massimo Fabio and Martina Dubois (2013), "Transfer Pricing Adjustments Through a Customs Lens", Transfer Pricing International Journal (Bloomberg), Winter 2013
      • Capri, Alex and Kari Pahlman (2011), "Division Amidst Diversity- The Customs-Transfer Pricing Nexus in Asia", Hong Kong Polytechnic University Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2 Autumn/Winter 2011
      • Capri, Alex, Kari Pahlman and John Kondos (2011), "Interest of Authorities in Transfer Pricing Keeps Tax Payers on Alert", International Tax Review, Asia Transfer Pricing, 6th Edition, 2011
    • Books/Monographs
      • Capri, Alex (2011), "Importing into the USA: The Complete Guide to Customs Procedures", Capa Publications, 2001
    • Others
      • Capri, Alex (2016), "Laying the Foundation for TPP Compliance", Compliance with TPP rules, business requirements, regulations and management challanges
      • Capri, Alex (2015), "Will TPP Set the Standard for the Next Generation of FTAs?", Analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its impact on Business and governments
      • Capri, Alex (2011), "Forbes Magazine: Growing US-China Trade Highlights Cumbersome Export Controls"
      • Capri, Alex and Raphael Madarang (2011), "Hong Kong Business: Managing Customs and Trade in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR"
      • Capri, Alex (2007), "China Economic Review: Beijing’s Axis of Oil- Energy Needs have Sent China on a hearts-and-minds mission into the Middle East"
      • Capri, Alex (2007), "China Economic review: Hugging the Bear – Ties Between Beijing and Moscow are at their best in Years"
      • Capri, Alex (2006), "China Economic Review: Iron Wills and Irony- China and Japan"
      • Capri, Alex (2006), "China Economic Review: The Painful Path to Trade"
    • MSc Politics of the World Economy, The London School of Economics, 1995
    • BA International Relations, Cum Laude, University of Southern California, 1989
    • Visiting Senior Fellow, NUS Business School, 2015 - current
    • Adjunct Professor, Pepperdine University, George L. Graziado School of Business, 1995 - 2000
    • Managing Director, US Southewest Region, KPMG International Trade and Customs Pratice, 2013 - 2015
    • Partner & Regional Leader, Asia International Trade & Customs, KPMG, 2007 - 2012
    • Director, Asia Pacific, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, World Trade Mnagement Services, 2003 - 2007
    • Western Area Leader, KPMG International Trade and Customs Pratice, 1999 - 2003
    • DSC3201, Supply Chain Management (C0-Teaching with Mabel Chou)
    • DSC5211D, Global Supply Chain Management
    • BMA5237, Managing International Value Chains
    • BMA5236, Global Operations Strategy
    • International Compliance Professionals Association, .
    • London School of Economics Alumni Association, .
    • The University of Southern California, Association, .

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