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CHIA, Ho Beng Senior Lecturer Department:  Management & Organisation Office:  BIZ1-8-38 Contact:  +65- 6516-6437, +65- 9187-7580 Email:  bizchb@nus.edu.sg Curriculum Vitae
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    • Organization Citizenship Behavior, Personality, And Situations
    • Knowledge Sharing, Personality, And Situations
    • Conflict Management, Mediation And Negotiation
    • Goal Setting, Goal Orientation, And Motivation
    • Learning Of Complex Tasks
    • Human Resource Management
    • Journal Articles
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, C M Karam, D A Ralston, A Butt, N Srinivasan, P P Fu, C H Lee, Y-L Moon, M Ansari, M-H Kuo, V T Hung, A Pekerto, P Hallinger, Y Fang, C P Egri and Y Li (2012), "Asian favors: More than a cookie cutter approach", Asia Pacific Journal of Management
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Y Li, Naoumova, I, D Ralston, Y Moon, W Danis, V Potocan, T Lenartowicz and T Dalgic (2011), "A 21st century assessment of values across the global workforce", Journal of Business Ethics, 104(1), 1-31
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, C P Egri, Ralston, D A, M T Garza Carranza, P Ramburuth, J Terpstra-Tong and A Pekerti, I (2009), "Ethical preferences for influencing superiors: A 41-Society Study", Journal of International Business Studies, 40(6), 1 to 24
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, R P Fu, M H C Kuo, Y L Moon, C P Egri, D A Ralston and C H Lee (2007), "Four tigers and the dragon: Value differences, similarities and consensus", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24, 305:320
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Foo, M D and R P Fang (2006), "Workplace as communities: The role of social networks on who seeks, gives and accepts information on justice issues", Journal of Community Psychology, 34(3), 363-377
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Chong, L C and LEE-PARTRIDGE, JOO ENG (2004), "Traditional Mediation Practices: Are We Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water?", Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 21(4), 451:462
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Law Y.F. and LEE-PARTRIDGE, JOO ENG (2002), "Exploring Knowledge Management Perceptions of Human Resource and Business Managers in Singapore", Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, 1(1), 79-90
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Chong, C.L., Chu, S.H., Koh, S.F.W.F. and LEE-PARTRIDGE, JOO ENG (2001), "Enacting and Reproducing Social and Individual Identity Through Mediation", Mediation Quarterly, 19(1), 49-74
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Landau, J. and Ong, S.W. (2000), "Predictors of voice: The moderating effect of the general economic climate", Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 8(2), 3-28
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Campbell, D J. and Campbell, K M. (1998), "Merit pay, performance appraisal and individual motivation: An analysis and alternative", Human Resource Management, 37(2), 131-146
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Campbell, D J. and Campbell, K M. (1995), "Innovation through performance analysis: Teambuilding and the development of performance indicators", Creativity and Innovation Management, 4(3), 160-171
    • Books/Monographs
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, Loke, S and Goh, J (2004), "A Consumer`s Guide to Fair Trading", Singapore: Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, N T Tan, J E Lee-Patridge, S F W F Koh, T L Ngiam, L T Lim, G Tan and J T B Lee (2001), "ADR: Current and Future Prospects", In Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business, Family and Community: Multidisciplinary Perspective, ed. N T Tan & J E Lee-Partridge, Singapore: Centre for Advanced Sudies, NUS
      • CHIA, Ho Beng (2000), "Peer Mediation", In Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore, eds. N G Tan and J E Lee, Singapore: Centre for Advanced Studeis, NUS
      • CHIA, Ho Beng, D T W Wan, T Wyatt and A T P Tseng (1994), "Human Resource Management in Singapore: An Overview", In Readings in Strategic Human Resource Management, eds. A R Nankervis and R L Compton, 367-382, Melbourne: Nelson
    • National Day Awards 2012 - Long Service Medal - 2012
    • Outstanding Community Service Award (Faculty) - 2005
    • Outstanding Educator Award Recognition List (NUS) - 2002
    • University Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (NUS) - 2002
    • Top 100 Nominees by Students for University Teaching Award - 2002
    • Plenary Instructor/Facilitator at the University's Professional Development Programme (Teaching) - 2002
    • Department Outstanding Educator Award - 2001
    • Certified Mediator, LEADR Australia, 2005
    • PhD, Organizational Behavior, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1996
    • BBA (Hons.) (Awarded the Monetary Authority of Singapore Book Prize), University of Singapore, Singapore, 1980
    • Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore, 2005 - current
    • Member of the Department Teaching Committee, National University of Singapore, 2002 - current
    • Sole member of Department Ethics Review Committee, National University of Singapore, 2010 - 2011
    • Editorial Board Research and Practice in HRM, NUS/SHRI, 1998 - 2005
    • Asst. Professor, National University of Singapore, 1996 - 2005
    • Deputy Director of the MSc. in Asia Pacific HRM, National University of Singapore, 2000
    • Senior Tutor, National University of Singapore, 1987 - 1996
    • Trained mediation panels of CASE and SCCCI
    • Company Commander, Signal Battalion, Singapore Armed Forces
    • Battalion General Staff Officer, Signal Battalion, Singapore Armed Forces
    • Institutional Banking, Citibank
    • Institutional Banking, Grindlays Bank
    • Institutional Banking, DBS Bank
    • Cost and Management Accountant, Broadway Enterprises
    • Factory Manager, Broadway Enterprises
    • Risk Management and Recoveries, Citibank
    • Consultant, Pepperl+Fuchs, Singapore
    • Mediation Panel Committee, Securities Investors` Association of Singapore, Singapore
    • Mediation Panel Committee, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore
    • Mediation Panel Committee, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), Singapore
    • EE, Change Management
    • BBA, Organizational Behavior
    • BBA, Negotiations and Bargaining
    • MBA/BBA, Management and Organisation
    • MBA/BBA, Leadership in Organisation
    • EE/MBA/MSc/USP/BBA, Conflict Resolution: Negotiations and Mediation
    • Member, Study mission to New Zealand on the implementation of the Fair Trading Act and Electronic Trust Marks
    • Lawyers Engaged in ADR (2005 - 2007)
    • Academy of Management (1990 - present)

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