Mun Heng
TOH, Mun Heng Assoc Professor Department:  Strategy & Policy Office:  BIZ1 6-37 Contact:  (65) 6516-6386 Email: Curriculum Vitae
Awards &
Membership &
Professional Activities
    • Environmental Policies And Green Strategies For Business
    • R&d, Fdi And Productivity Related Issues
    • Productivity Measurement And Analysis In Asia Pacific Economies
    • Manpower/education Planning And Population Studies
    • Macroeconomic Modeling/ Computable General Equilibrium Modeling
    • International Investment And Trade Liberalization
    • Input-output Analysis And Economic Planning
    • Economic Growth And Development Strategies
    • Endogenous Growth & Public Policy
    • Data Enveloping Analysis (dea)
    • Business Ecosystem & Global Production Network
    • Journal Articles
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2013), "Singaporean Economic Development and Peculiar Observations on Saving, Labour Share, Productivity and Current Account Surplus", Institutions and Economies, 5(2), 101-130
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S.M. Thangavelu (2013), "An Input-Output Study of the Singapore Information Sector", Economic Systems Research, 25(2), 233-244
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Y.P.Ho and WONG POH KAM (2009), "The impact of R&D on the Singapore economy: An empirical evaluation", The Singapore Economic Review
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S.M. Thangavelu (2008), "Outsourcing and Fragmentation in Singapore's Manufacturing Industry", The Singapore Economic Review
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Eric W.K. Tsang and Paul S.L.Yip (2008), "The Impact of R&D on Value-Added for Domestic & Foreign Firms in a Newly Industrialized Economy", International Business Review
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2006), "Singapore's Perspectives on the Proliferation of RTA's in East Asia and Beyond", Global Economic Review
      • Qian Lin and Toh, Mun Heng (2005), "An Evaluation of the 1994 Tax Reform in China Using a General Equilibrium Model", China Economic Review
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S.M. Thangavelu (2005), "Bilateral 'WTO-Plus' Free Trade Agreements: The WTO Trade Policy Review of Singapore, 2004", World Economy
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Vasudevan, G. (2004), "Impact of regional trade liberalization on emerging economies: The case of Vietnam", Asean Economic Bulletin, 21(2), 167-82
      • Toh, Mun Heng, F. Wu and T. Ho (2003), "Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on the Home Economy: The Case of Singapore", Journal of Asian Business, 19(3), 27-48
      • Toh, Mun Heng and W.C. Ng (2002), "Efficiency of investments in Asian Economies: has Singapore over invested?", Journal of Asian Economics, 13, 52-71
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2001), "Exchange Rate Pass-Through for Selected Asian Economies", The Singapore Economic Review, 46(2), 247-273
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Wong C.S. (1999), "Rates of return to education in Singapore", Economics of Education Review, 7 (3), 235-251
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Tiew C.S. (1999), "A Neo-classical Analysis of the ASEAN and East Asia's Growth Experience", Asean Economic Bulletin, 16(2), 149-165
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Leung H.M. and Linda Low (1999), "Tax Reform in Singapore", Journal of Policy Modeling, 21(5), 607-618
      • Toh, Mun Heng (1998), "The RAS approach in updating input-output matrices: an instrumental variable interpretation and analysis of structural change", Economic Systems Research, 10(1), 63-78
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1996), "Linkages among the ASEAN economies: A multi-country model analysis", Asean Economic Bulletin, 13(1), 52-73
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1996), "Economic linkages among the Northeast Asian economies: A multi-country model analysis", Seoul Journal of Economics, 9 (1), 33-62
      • Toh, Mun Heng and L.Low (1996), "Differential Total Factor Productivity in the Four Dragons: The Singapore Case", Journal of International Trade & Economics, 5(2), 161-181
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1995), "Estimating and comparing learning curves in three Asian economies", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 12(1), 21-35
      • Toh, Mun Heng (1994), "Cost of Living, Price Impact on Income Distribution and Consumption Tax in Singapore", The Singapore Economic Review, 39(2), 141-160
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1994), "The State of Play of Direct Foreign Investment in Asia", Journal of Asian Economics, 5(1), 65-84
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1993), "Is the ASEAN free trade area a second best option?", Asian Economic Journal, 7(1), 275-298
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1990), "An Asian NIC's View on Service Trade Liberalisation: Singapore's Case", Journal of Development, 15(2), 57-82
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1990), "The economic impact of the tourist sector in Singapore", Annals of Tourism Research, 17(2), 246-269
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1990), "The economic impact of the information sector in Singapore", Economics of Planning, 23(1), 51-70
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Eddie CY Kuo and LINDA LOW (1989), "The Singapore telecommunications sector and issues affecting its competitive position in the Pacific region", Columbia Journal of World Business, 24 (1), 59-71
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1988), "Trends and Issues in Service Sector Development: Singapore's Options", Asian Economic Journal, 2(1), 125-159
      • Toh, Mun Heng and LINDA LOW (1988), "GATT and Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Singapore's Perspectives", Asian Economic Journal, 2(2), 192-215
      • Toh, Mun Heng (1987), "Labour Share in Singapore Manufacturing Industries: A Neo Classical Analysis", Asian Economic Journal, 1(2), 41-56
      • Toh, Mun Heng (1986), "Income Redistribution and Trade Policy Effects on Macroeconomic Aggregates: A Simulation Study of the Singapore Economy Based on an Extended Input-Output Model", Journal of Economic Development, 157-190
      • Toh, Mun Heng (1985), "Technical change, factor elasticity of substitution and returns to scale in Singapore manufacturing industries", The Singapore Economic Review, 36-56
    • Books/Monographs
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2012), "Competitive Cities and Urban Economic Development in Southeast Asia", Urbanization in Southeast Asia: Issues & Impacts (edited by Yap Kioe Sheng and Moe Thuzar), Chapter 3, pp. 115-138
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2010), "Policy Update on Labor Productivity in Singapore", The Thirteenth SINGAPORE ECONOMIC ROUNDTABLE, edited by M.Bhaskaran and Lee Y. Y. Institute of Policy Studies, LKY School of Public Policy; & Straits Times Press.
      • Toh, Mun Heng and K.K. Ng (2009), "The Batam, Bintang, Karimun Special Economic Zone: Revitalizing Domestic Industrialization and Linking Global Value Chain", Plugging into Production Networks: Industrialization Strategy in Less Developed Southeast Asian Countries, edited by Ikuo Kuroiwa
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S.M. Thangavelu (2009), "Comparing Two Economic Regions: Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle and Pearl River Delta Region", Regional Economic Development in China, edited by Saw Swee Hoch & John Wong
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S.M. Thangavelu (2008), "The Biomedical Science (BMS) Industry in Singapore: Can It Plug into the Global Value Chain?", Production Networks and Industrial Clusters: Integrating Economies in Southeast Asia; edited by I Kuroiwa and Toh MunHeng
      • Toh, Mun Heng and S. Thangavelu (2004), "Factors affecting growth in the region: R&D and Productivity", The New Economy in East Asia and the Pacific, edited by P. Drysdale; N.Y: RouteledgeCurzon
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Tan Kong Yam (1998), "Competitiveness of the Singapore Economy: A Strategic Perspective, ed", Singapore University Press
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1995), "Principles of Economics", Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Singapore
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Linda Low, Soon Teck Wong, Tan Kong Yam and special contribution from Helen Hughes (1993), "Challenge and Response: Thirty Years of the Economic Development Board", Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1993), "Public Policies in Singapore: A Decade of Changes, ed", Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1993), "ASEAN Growth Triangles, ed", Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • Toh, Mun Heng, Linda Low and Soon Teck Wong (1991), "The Economics of Education adn Manpower Development: Issues and Policies in Singapore", Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Linda Low (1990), "An Economic Framework of the Singapore Economy: Principles and Issues", Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Lim Chong Yah and Associates (1988), "Policy Options for the Singapore Economy", Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
    • Conference/Seminars
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2013), "Trade in Tertiary Educational Services: Singapore Case", International Conference on Education and Labor Market: Policy & Beyond, Organized by Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy and the Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), 20-21 March, Bangkok, Thailand
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2013), "Using Input-Output Techniques and Data Envelopment Analysis to Evaluate the Economic and Environmental Resoruce Usage of Singapore Industries", 21st IIOA Conference, International Input-Output Association, 8-12 July, Kitakyushu, Japan
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2013), "CO2 Emissions and Impact of a Carbon Tax for Singapore: A Study of Input-Output Analysis", International Seminar on Energy Policy and Climate Change, Beijing Institute of Technology, 12-14 July, Beijing, China
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2013), "Floating Frontiers: SIJORI as an Economic Entity - Challenges and Prospects", ISEA Workshop on Floating Frontier project: SIJORI, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), 15 - 16 July, Singapore
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2011), "Holistic Approach to Employment and Re-Employment of Older Workers: Singapore Experience", Asia-Pacific Conference on Ageing (APCA 2011), 24-26 March, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2009), "SINGAPORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & PECULIAR OBSERVATION ON SAVING, LABOR SHARE, PRODUCTIVITY and CURRENT ACCOUNT SURPLUS", Conference on New Growth Strategies for Asian Economies on 24 November 2009, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • Working Papers
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2012), "Internationalization of Tertiary Education Services in Singapore", ADBI Working Paper 388, Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute
      • Toh, Mun Heng (2011), "CO2 Emissions and Impact of a Carbon Tax for Singapore:", NUS Research Grant:: R-313-000-085-112, NUS: Dept of Strategy & Policy
      • Toh, Mun Heng and Eugene Chong (2011), "The Linkage between Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rates in the Macroeconomic Environment of Asian Economies", NUS: Dept of Strategy & Policy
    • National Day Award: Public Service Medal - 2009
    • Friend of Labour Award, National Trade Union Congress - 2008
    • First prize in Singapore National Book Awards (non fiction category) - 1992
    • Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
    • NUS Postgraduate (Overseas) Scholarship
    • Bank of Toyko Postgraduate Scholarship
    • B.A., Economics, University of Singapore, Singapore
    • B.Soc. Sc (Hons), Economics & Statistics, University of Singapore, Singapore
    • M.Sc, Econometrics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
    • PhD, Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
    • Associate Professor, Department of Strategy & Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 1996 - current
    • Deputy Head, Department of Business Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 1999 - 2002
    • Research Assistant, Ministry of Environment
    • United Nations
    • UN ESCAP
    • Singapore Tourist Promotion Board
    • Singapore Telecom
    • Singapore Contractors Association
    • Port of Singapore Authority
    • Ministry of Trade and Industry
    • Ministry of Manpower
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Finance
    • InfoComm Development Authority, Singapore
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    • Asian Development Bank
    • ASEAN Secretariat
    • Agency for Science and Technology Research
    • BSP4513, Econometrics: Theory & Business Application
    • BSP2001, Macro and International Economics
    • BSP1005, Managerial Economics
    • BMA5001, Managerial Economics
    • American Economic Society
    • Singapore Economic Society
    • Institute of Statistician (United Kingdom)
    • International Input_Output Association

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