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TOH, Mun Heng Assoc Professor Department:  Strategy & Policy Office:  BIZ1 6-37 Contact:  (65) 6516-6386 Email: Curriculum Vitae
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Membership &
Professional Activities
    • Environmental Policies And Green Strategies For Business
    • R&d, Fdi And Productivity Related Issues
    • Productivity Measurement And Analysis In Asia Pacific Economies
    • Manpower/education Planning And Population Studies
    • Macroeconomic Modeling/ Computable General Equilibrium Modeling
    • International Investment And Trade Liberalization
    • Input-output Analysis And Economic Planning
    • Economic Growth And Development Strategies
    • Endogenous Growth & Public Policy
    • Data Enveloping Analysis (dea)
    • Business Ecosystem & Global Production Network
    • Journal Articles
      • Singaporean Economic Development and Peculiar Observations on Saving, Labour Share, Productivity and Current Account Surplus, (2013), Institutions and Economies, 5(2), 101-130
      • An Input-Output Study of the Singapore Information Sector, with S.M. Thangavelu (2013), Economic Systems Research, 25(2), 233-244
      • The impact of R&D on the Singapore economy: An empirical evaluation, with Y.P.Ho and WONG POH KAM (2009), The Singapore Economic Review
      • Outsourcing and Fragmentation in Singapore's Manufacturing Industry, with S.M. Thangavelu (2008), The Singapore Economic Review
      • The Impact of R&D on Value-Added for Domestic & Foreign Firms in a Newly Industrialized Economy, with Eric W.K. Tsang and Paul S.L.Yip (2008), International Business Review
      • Singapore's Perspectives on the Proliferation of RTA's in East Asia and Beyond, (2006), Global Economic Review
      • An Evaluation of the 1994 Tax Reform in China Using a General Equilibrium Model, with Qian Lin (2005), China Economic Review
      • Bilateral 'WTO-Plus' Free Trade Agreements: The WTO Trade Policy Review of Singapore, 2004, with S.M. Thangavelu (2005), World Economy
      • Impact of regional trade liberalization on emerging economies: The case of Vietnam, with Vasudevan, G. (2004), Asean Economic Bulletin, 21(2), 167-82
      • Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on the Home Economy: The Case of Singapore, with F. Wu and T. Ho (2003), Journal of Asian Business, 19(3), 27-48
      • Efficiency of investments in Asian Economies: has Singapore over invested?, with W.C. Ng (2002), Journal of Asian Economics, 13, 52-71
      • Exchange Rate Pass-Through for Selected Asian Economies, (2001), The Singapore Economic Review, 46(2), 247-273
      • Rates of return to education in Singapore, with Wong C.S. (1999), Economics of Education Review, 7 (3), 235-251
      • A Neo-classical Analysis of the ASEAN and East Asia's Growth Experience, with Tiew C.S. (1999), Asean Economic Bulletin, 16(2), 149-165
      • Tax Reform in Singapore, with Leung H.M. and Linda Low (1999), Journal of Policy Modeling, 21(5), 607-618
      • The RAS approach in updating input-output matrices: an instrumental variable interpretation and analysis of structural change, (1998), Economic Systems Research, 10(1), 63-78
      • Linkages among the ASEAN economies: A multi-country model analysis, with LINDA LOW (1996), Asean Economic Bulletin, 13(1), 52-73
      • Economic linkages among the Northeast Asian economies: A multi-country model analysis, with LINDA LOW (1996), Seoul Journal of Economics, 9 (1), 33-62
      • Differential Total Factor Productivity in the Four Dragons: The Singapore Case, with L.Low (1996), Journal of International Trade & Economics, 5(2), 161-181
      • Estimating and comparing learning curves in three Asian economies, with LINDA LOW (1995), Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 12(1), 21-35
      • Cost of Living, Price Impact on Income Distribution and Consumption Tax in Singapore, (1994), The Singapore Economic Review, 39(2), 141-160
      • The State of Play of Direct Foreign Investment in Asia, with Linda Low (1994), Journal of Asian Economics, 5(1), 65-84
      • Is the ASEAN free trade area a second best option?, with LINDA LOW (1993), Asian Economic Journal, 7(1), 275-298
      • An Asian NIC's View on Service Trade Liberalisation: Singapore's Case, with Linda Low (1990), Journal of Development, 15(2), 57-82
      • The economic impact of the tourist sector in Singapore, with LINDA LOW (1990), Annals of Tourism Research, 17(2), 246-269
      • The economic impact of the information sector in Singapore, with LINDA LOW (1990), Economics of Planning, 23(1), 51-70
      • The Singapore telecommunications sector and issues affecting its competitive position in the Pacific region, with Eddie CY Kuo and LINDA LOW (1989), Columbia Journal of World Business, 24 (1), 59-71
      • Trends and Issues in Service Sector Development: Singapore's Options, with LINDA LOW (1988), Asian Economic Journal, 2(1), 125-159
      • GATT and Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Singapore's Perspectives, with LINDA LOW (1988), Asian Economic Journal, 2(2), 192-215
      • Labour Share in Singapore Manufacturing Industries: A Neo Classical Analysis, (1987), Asian Economic Journal, 1(2), 41-56
      • Income Redistribution and Trade Policy Effects on Macroeconomic Aggregates: A Simulation Study of the Singapore Economy Based on an Extended Input-Output Model, (1986), Journal of Economic Development, 157-190
      • Technical change, factor elasticity of substitution and returns to scale in Singapore manufacturing industries, (1985), The Singapore Economic Review, 36-56
    • Books/Monographs
      • Competitive Cities and Urban Economic Development in Southeast Asia, (2012), Urbanization in Southeast Asia: Issues & Impacts (edited by Yap Kioe Sheng and Moe Thuzar), Chapter 3, pp. 115-138
      • Policy Update on Labor Productivity in Singapore, (2010), The Thirteenth SINGAPORE ECONOMIC ROUNDTABLE, edited by M.Bhaskaran and Lee Y. Y. Institute of Policy Studies, LKY School of Public Policy; & Straits Times Press.
      • The Batam, Bintang, Karimun Special Economic Zone: Revitalizing Domestic Industrialization and Linking Global Value Chain, with K.K. Ng (2009), Plugging into Production Networks: Industrialization Strategy in Less Developed Southeast Asian Countries, edited by Ikuo Kuroiwa
      • Comparing Two Economic Regions: Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle and Pearl River Delta Region, with S.M. Thangavelu (2009), Regional Economic Development in China, edited by Saw Swee Hoch & John Wong
      • The Biomedical Science (BMS) Industry in Singapore: Can It Plug into the Global Value Chain?, with S.M. Thangavelu (2008), Production Networks and Industrial Clusters: Integrating Economies in Southeast Asia; edited by I Kuroiwa and Toh MunHeng
      • Factors affecting growth in the region: R&D and Productivity, with S. Thangavelu (2004), The New Economy in East Asia and the Pacific, edited by P. Drysdale; N.Y: RouteledgeCurzon
      • Competitiveness of the Singapore Economy: A Strategic Perspective, ed, with Tan Kong Yam (1998), Singapore University Press
      • Principles of Economics, with Linda Low (1995), Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Singapore
      • Challenge and Response: Thirty Years of the Economic Development Board, with Linda Low, Soon Teck Wong, Tan Kong Yam and special contribution from Helen Hughes (1993), Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • Public Policies in Singapore: A Decade of Changes, ed, with Linda Low (1993), Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • ASEAN Growth Triangles, ed, with Linda Low (1993), Singapore: Times Academic Press
      • The Economics of Education adn Manpower Development: Issues and Policies in Singapore, with Linda Low and Soon Teck Wong (1991), Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
      • An Economic Framework of the Singapore Economy: Principles and Issues, with Linda Low (1990), Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
      • Policy Options for the Singapore Economy, with Lim Chong Yah and Associates (1988), Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company
    • Conference/Seminars
      • Trade in Tertiary Educational Services: Singapore Case, (2013), International Conference on Education and Labor Market: Policy & Beyond, Organized by Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy and the Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), 20-21 March, Bangkok, Thailand
      • Using Input-Output Techniques and Data Envelopment Analysis to Evaluate the Economic and Environmental Resoruce Usage of Singapore Industries, (2013), 21st IIOA Conference, International Input-Output Association, 8-12 July, Kitakyushu, Japan
      • CO2 Emissions and Impact of a Carbon Tax for Singapore: A Study of Input-Output Analysis, (2013), International Seminar on Energy Policy and Climate Change, Beijing Institute of Technology, 12-14 July, Beijing, China
      • Floating Frontiers: SIJORI as an Economic Entity - Challenges and Prospects, (2013), ISEA Workshop on Floating Frontier project: SIJORI, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), 15 - 16 July, Singapore
      • Holistic Approach to Employment and Re-Employment of Older Workers: Singapore Experience, (2011), Asia-Pacific Conference on Ageing (APCA 2011), 24-26 March, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
      • SINGAPORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & PECULIAR OBSERVATION ON SAVING, LABOR SHARE, PRODUCTIVITY and CURRENT ACCOUNT SURPLUS, (2009), Conference on New Growth Strategies for Asian Economies on 24 November 2009, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • Working Papers
      • Internationalization of Tertiary Education Services in Singapore, (2012), ADBI Working Paper 388, Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute
      • CO2 Emissions and Impact of a Carbon Tax for Singapore:, (2011), NUS Research Grant:: R-313-000-085-112, NUS: Dept of Strategy & Policy
      • The Linkage between Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rates in the Macroeconomic Environment of Asian Economies, with Eugene Chong (2011), NUS: Dept of Strategy & Policy
    • National Day Award: Public Service Medal - 2009
    • Friend of Labour Award, National Trade Union Congress - 2008
    • First prize in Singapore National Book Awards (non fiction category) - 1992
    • Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
    • NUS Postgraduate (Overseas) Scholarship
    • Bank of Toyko Postgraduate Scholarship
    • B.A., Economics, University of Singapore, Singapore
    • B.Soc. Sc (Hons), Economics & Statistics, University of Singapore, Singapore
    • M.Sc, Econometrics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
    • PhD, Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
    • Associate Professor, Department of Strategy & Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 1996 - current
    • Deputy Head, Department of Business Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 1999 - 2002
    • Research Assistant, Ministry of Environment
    • United Nations
    • UN ESCAP
    • Singapore Tourist Promotion Board
    • Singapore Telecom
    • Singapore Contractors Association
    • Port of Singapore Authority
    • Ministry of Trade and Industry
    • Ministry of Manpower
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Finance
    • InfoComm Development Authority, Singapore
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    • Asian Development Bank
    • ASEAN Secretariat
    • Agency for Science and Technology Research
    • BSP4513, Econometrics: Theory & Business Application
    • BSP2001, Macro and International Economics
    • BSP1005, Managerial Economics
    • BMA5001, Managerial Economics
    • American Economic Society
    • Singapore Economic Society
    • Institute of Statistician (United Kingdom)
    • International Input_Output Association

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