To publish teaching cases on Asian firms or foreign firms operating in Asia, and occasionally articles on case writing and case teaching. Cases may relate to any business discipline.
Cases may be based on field research or research from secondary sources; they must not be fictional cases. Field research cases should be accompanied by letters of authorization to publish from field organizations.

Teaching cases must be accompanied by teaching notes. Teaching notes should clearly mention the teaching objectives of the case, and provide useful suggestions for how these objectives can be met. Teaching notes must provide assignment questions for students and authors should provide suggested answers to these assignment questions. Cases should contain sufficient information to be able to meet the objectives. Although teaching notes will not be published, they are crucial to the review process.

Only original cases and articles (not previously published or not simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere) will be reviewed.

Cases and articles will receive a blind review from two reviewers, after an initial editorial review.

Upon acceptance and publication of a case or an article, copyright will be transferred to the Publisher. However, authors will be free to use their own material in other publications written or edited by themselves on prior approval from the Publisher, provided that when they do this, they make proper acknowledgement to the Journal and the Publisher.


1. Submission Guidelines

Authors are requested to submit one copy of your manuscript for review to:


Manuscripts should be double-spaced and written in the past tense. Though there is no formal length restriction, cases should ordinarily not exceed 30 pages (approximately 10,000 words including exhibits, tables and illustrations). Tables and illustration should be submitted on separate pages at the end of the manuscript. An abstract of approximately 100 words should be included in the manuscript. Up to six key words should also be supplied.

Illustrations: Original artwork must be supplied with the final accepted version of the manuscript. Please ensure each piece of artwork has the author’s name and the figure number on the reverse.

2. Style Guide 

The language of the journal should be English. Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and titled. Sources should be cited. References to published material should be quoted in the text by superior numbers and grouped together, along with any other notes, as endnotes.

Some examples are given below:

1. F. Schwadel 1989. Little touches spur WalMart's rise. Wall Street Journal, September 2: 25.

2. P.S. Kirkbride and S.F.Y. Tang 1992. Management development in the Nanyang Chinese societies of South-East Asia. Journal of Management Development, 11: 54-66.

3. "Padang" refers to a large rectangular assembly ground for national events in those days, enclosed by important government administrative and commercial buildings on its northern side and the waterfront on its southern side.

4. A. Pettigrew 1973. The politics of organizational decision making. London: Tavistock.

5. C.F. Yang and D. Miller 1988. Familism and development: an examination of the role of family in contemporary China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In D. Sinha & H.S.R. Kao (eds) Social Values and Development, pp.99-123. New Delhi: Sage.

6. Asian Wall Street Journal 1993. Trouble in the Asian construction industry. August 12: 12.

The author's full name, mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone, fax numbers should be listed on a separate cover sheet. Names of authors should not appear on the manuscript or teaching notes.

3. General Notes

Proofs will be despatched to the first author of each manuscript. They must be corrected and returned to the Editor without delay. Author's corrections must be restricted to typesetting errors.

Twenty-five offprints of each paper and one copy of the journal issue in which it appears will be provided free of charge. The author will be given the opportunity to purchase additional copies. Offprints and correspondence will be sent to the first named author unless otherwise stated.


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