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Short Covering Trades, Huszar, Zsuzsa Reka with Ekkehart Boehmer and Duong X. Truong (2017), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming 2017
Temporary Incentives Change Daily Routines: Evidence from A Field Experiment on Singapore's Subways, Yang, Nan with Lim Yong Long (2017), Management Science, forthcoming   2017
Simple Oligopoly Dynamic Model for Empirical Work: What Can We Learn From Firm Presence Data? (Revised and Resubmitted), Yang, Nan (2017)   2017
Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Theory, Yang, Nan with Jaap Abbring, Jeffrey Campbell and Jan Tilly (2017), Econometrica, forthcoming   2017
Mobile Appointment App and Streamlined Medical Service: A Successful Case from China, Yang, Nan with Song Changcheng, Yi Junjian and Yuan Ye (2017) 2017
Essentials of Services Marketing, Wirtz, Jochen with Lovelock Christopher (2017), Essentials of Services Marketing, 3rd edition. 2017
Supplement to Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Theory, Yang, Nan with Abbring J.H., Campbell J.R. and Tilly J. (2017), Supplement to Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Theory   2017
The Effect of Embarrassment on Preferences for Brand Conspicuousness: The Roles of Self-Esteem and Self-Brand Connection, Li, Xiuping with Song X and Huang F (2017), Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27(1), 69-83, forthcoming 2017
When (and How) to Encourage Cooperation across Projects, Wu, Yaozhong with P. Crama and F. Sting (2017) 2017
One Fundamental and Two Taxes: When Does a Tobin Tax Reduce Financial Price Volatility?, Deng, Yongheng with Xin Liu and Shang-jin Wei (2017), Journal of Financial Economics, (forthcoming), also in NBER working paper w19974 2017
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