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Institutional Ownership, Peer Pressure, and Voluntary Disclosures, Lin, Yupeng with Mao Ying and Wang Zheng (2018), Accounting Review, Forthcoming, Accounting Review   2018
“Do Firms Manage Earnings to Influence Credit Ratings? Evidence from Negative Credit Watch Resolutions” , Shi, Yongfeng Charles with A. Liu, K. Subramanyam and J. Zhang (2018), Accounting Review, Forthcoming 2018
Short Covering Trades, Huszar, Zsuzsa Reka with Ekkehart Boehmer and Duong X. Truong (2017), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming 2017
Temporary Incentives Change Daily Routines: Evidence from A Field Experiment on Singapore's Subways, Yang, Nan with Lim Yong Long (2017), Management Science, forthcoming   2017
Ties to Unbind: Political Ties and Firm Sell-Offs During Institutional Transition, Chung, Chi-Nien with Weiting Zheng and Kulwant Singh (2017), Journal of Management, 43(7), 2005-2036   2017
Business Integrity in ASEAN: Ethics and Contexts, Loh, Yeow Khoon, Lawrence (2017), In ASEAN CSR Fellowship. NUS Business School, Singapore 2017
Emerging Challenges for Companies in Sustainability Reporting, Loh, Yeow Khoon, Lawrence (2017), In Company of Good Fellowship: Hosted Dialogue and Networking Session with Global Compact Network Singapore. NTUC Centre, Singapore 2017
For Whom Shall Boards Govern?, Loh, Yeow Khoon, Lawrence (2017), In Boardroom Matters Towards effective boards 2017
Crossing the Governance Chasm: From Assessment to Performance, Loh, Yeow Khoon, Lawrence (2017), In Boardroom Matters Towards effective boards. Singapore 2017
Teaching Personal Initiative Beats Traditional Training in Boosting Small Business in West Africa, FRESE, Michael with Campos F, Goldstein M, Iacovone L, Johnson H, McKenzie D and Mensmann M (2017), Science, 357(6357: 1287-1290), 1-3   2017
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