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Incorporating Behavioral Factors into Operations Theory, Wu, Yaozhong with Tony Haitao Cui (2018), In The Handbook of Behavioral Operations, Edited by K. Donohue, E. Katok, and S. Leider, Wiley 2018
Brave New World: Service Robots in the Frontline, Wirtz, Jochen with Paul Patterson, Werner Kunz, Thorsten Gruber, Vinh Nhat Lu, Stefanie Paluch and Antje Martins (2018), Journal of Service Management, 29(5)   2018
The Contingent Effects of Political Strategies on Firm Performance: A Political Network Perspective, Chang, Sea Jin (2018), Strategic Management Journal 2018
Ongoing Transofrmation of Industries and Work: Why it Matters, Goh, Puay Guan (2018), The New Paper 2018
Labor Welfare in On-Demand Service Platforms, Taylor, Terry with Benjaafar, S., Ding, J. and Kong, G. (2018), Marketing Science, 26(1), 101-117, SSRN 2018
Effects of Government Bailouts on Mortgage Modification, Agarwal, Sumit with Zhang, Yunqi (2018), Journal of Banking and Finance, 93, 54-70 2018
Slow Trading and Stock Return Predictability, Hameed, Allaudeen with Lof, Matthijs and Suominen, Matti (2018)   2018
Private Company Valuations by Mutual Funds, Hameed, Allaudeen with Agarwal, Vikas, Barber, Brad M, Cheng, Si and Yasuda, Ayako (2018)   2018
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