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“Do Firms Manage Earnings to Influence Credit Ratings? Evidence from Negative Credit Watch Resolutions” , Shi, Yongfeng Charles with A. Liu, K. Subramanyam and J. Zhang (2018), Accounting Review 2018
Short Covering Trades, Huszar, Zsuzsa Reka with Ekkehart Boehmer and Duong X. Truong (2017), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming 2017
Temporary Incentives Change Daily Routines: Evidence from A Field Experiment on Singapore's Subways, Yang, Nan with Lim Yong Long (2017), Management Science, forthcoming   2017
The Impact of R&D on the Singaporean Economy, Wong, Poh Kam with HO YUEN PING (2017), STI Policy Review, 8(1), 1-22 2017
Information Asymmetry and Organizational Structure: Evidence from REITs, Deng, Yongheng with Maggie (Rong) Hu and Anand Srinivasan (2017), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 55(1), 32-64 2017
Keeping it Real in Experimental Research: Understanding When, Where, and How to Enhance Realism and Measure Consumer Behavior, Lee, Leonard with Morales A C and Amir O (2017), Journal of Consumer Research, 44(2), 465-476   2017
Firm performance and state innovation funding: Evidence from China’s Innofund program, Wang, Yanbo with Jizhen Li and Jeff Furman (2017), RESEARCH POLICY , 46, 1142–1161 2017
Exchange Rate Behavior with Negative Interest Rates: Some Early Negative Observations, Hameed, Allaudeen with Andrew Rose (2017), Pacific Economic Review   2017
Growth Dynamics of High-Tech Start-ups in Singapore - A Longitudinal Study Final Report, Wong, Poh Kam with HO YUEN PING and NG SU JUAN, CRYSTAL (2017), Growth Dynamics of High-Tech Start-ups in Singapore - A Longitudinal Study Final Report 2017
Simple Oligopoly Dynamic Model for Empirical Work: What Can We Learn From Firm Presence Data? (Revised and Resubmitted), Yang, Nan (2017)   2017
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