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Mutual Funds and Mispriced Stocks, Hameed, Allaudeen with Doron Avramov and Si Cheng (2019), Management Science   2019
Disguised corruption: Evidence from consumer credit in China, Qian, Wenlan with Amit Seru and Jian Zhang (2018), Journal of Financial Economics 2018
Dragon Babies, Qian, Wenlan with Sing Tien Foo and Tan Poh Lin (2018) 2018
Incorporating Behavioral Factors into Operations Theory, Wu, Yaozhong with Tony Haitao Cui (2018), In The Handbook of Behavioral Operations, Edited by K. Donohue, E. Katok, and S. Leider, Wiley 2018
Variation of Commercial Contracts, Ter, Kah Leng (2018), Research Journal of Social Science & Management - RJSSM, 8(5), 130-134 2018
The contingent effects of political strategies on firm performance: A political network perspective, Chang, Sea Jin with Zheng, Y. (2018), Strategic Management Journal, 39(8), 2152-2177 2018
Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy, Ter, Kah Leng (2018), Computer Law and Security Review, 34(4), 924-927, (Contributed to the special 200th celebratory issue of Computer Law and Security Review (CLSR), at the invitation of its Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Emeritus Professor Steve Saxby) 2018
Brave New World: Service Robots in the Frontline, Wirtz, Jochen with Paul Patterson, Werner Kunz, Thorsten Gruber, Vinh Nhat Lu, Stefanie Paluch and Antje Martins (2018), Journal of Service Management, 29(5), 907-931   2018
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