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“Do Firms Manage Earnings to Influence Credit Ratings? Evidence from Negative Credit Watch Resolutions” , Shi, Yongfeng Charles with A. Liu, K. Subramanyam and J. Zhang (2018), Accounting Review, Forthcoming 2018
Short Covering Trades, Huszar, Zsuzsa Reka with Ekkehart Boehmer and Duong X. Truong (2017), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming 2017
Temporary Incentives Change Daily Routines: Evidence from A Field Experiment on Singapore's Subways, Yang, Nan with Lim Yong Long (2017), Management Science, forthcoming   2017
Ties to Unbind: Political Ties and Firm Sell-Offs During Institutional Transition, Chung, Chi-Nien with Weiting Zheng and Kulwant Singh (2017), Journal of Management, 43(7), 2005-2036   2017
Did Bubbles Migrate from the Stock to the Housing Market in China between 2005 and 2010? , Deng, Yongheng with Eric Girardin, Roselyne Joyeux and Shuping Shi (2017), Pacific Economic Review, 22, 276-292 2017
Evaluating Risk across Chinese Housing Markets, Deng, Yongheng with Joseph Gyourko and Jing Wu (2017), A Bridge on Economic Issues between China and the World, VoxChina 2017
Too much of a good thing? Alliance portfolio size and alliance expansion, Pangarkar, Nitin with HUSSAIN Sairah and YUAN Lin (2017), European Management Journal, 35 (4), 477-485, Pergamon 2017
The Impact of R&D on the Singaporean Economy, Wong, Poh Kam with HO YUEN PING (2017), STI Policy Review, 8(1), 1-22 2017
Cost-Effective Service Excellence, Wirtz, Jochen with Zeithaml Valarie (2017), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science   2017
The Enhanced Loyalty Drivers of Customers Acquired Through Referral Reward Programs, Wirtz, Jochen with Ramaseshan B and Georgi Dominik (2017), Journal of Service Management, 28(4), 687-706   2017
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