American Electronics Limited

K V Ramani, Sum Chee Chuong, Jasbir S Dhaliwal and Alfred Tan

American Electronics Limited (AEL), is a major global manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electromechanical equipment. Due to rapid growth, AEL faces increasing complexity in its logistics operations. AEL is thinking of outsourcing part of its logistics operations to a third party logistics provider. This case highlights the complexity and challenges of managing global logistics and operations, and discusses the role of third party logistics providers in enhancing business performance.

Raffles Hotel (1886) Pte Ltd

Ng Seok Hui and Lim Gaik Eng

Raffles Hotel (1886) Pte Ltd one of Singapore’s oldest colonial hotels, was once a byword for sybaritic living in the 19th Century. After having fallen into disrepair for many years during the 1970s and 1980s, it was officially gazetted as an historical landmark in 1987 and underwent major restoration. This case deals with the newly restored Raffles Hotel’s business strategy and looks at how macroeconomic and demographic factors affect tourism and the hospitality industry.

Straight Business Chinese Style

John Foster

In Straight Business Chinese Style, Pearl Packaging Materials Ltd, a small to medium-sized firm in Macau, had to locate to China. This case looks at the kinds of difficulties sometimes experienced in undertaking foreign direct investment in developing countries in terms of the validity of contracts and the grey area of ‘other payments’.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Marjorie Lyles and Kevin Steensma

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, once a tightly controlled government agency with a virtual monopoly over the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity throughout Peninsular Malaysia, is now forced to adapt to an increasingly competitive environment. This case highlights the conflicting pressures that Tenaga faces as it contends with balancing the national responsibility of meeting the energy needs of the country with shareholders’ expectations of profitability and growth.

The Escorts Case Series

Jaideep Anand and Andrew Delios

The Escorts Case Series focuses on Escorts Limited, a large, historically successful, Indian conglomerate. Escorts is confronted with dramatic changes in its external environment caused by liberalization policies in its domestic market. The cases discuss issues of strategy formulation and implementation in response to changing conditions.

The Supervisor

F X Sligo

In The Supervisor, Penny Light, a Personnel Services Officer with South West Bank, New Zealand, has to resolve major conflicts between a supervisor who has been very successful in bringing new business to the bank, and his subordinates who are up in arms about his managerial style.

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