Amcol Holdings Limited (A & B)

Eng Li Li and Winston Kwok

Amcol Holdings Ltd., a company incorporated in Singapore, was engaged in trading in consumer electronics, property and equity investments, property development and resort development. It had undergone volatile stock price movements as well as management and ownership changes. The company makes an interesting case study for financial valuation because it experienced a significant change in financial performance over the period of just one year, from 1994 to 1995.

Blair Water Purifiers India

James E Nelson

Blair Water Purifiers India. Blair Company is a small US manufacturer (1996 sales are expected to be US$400 million) of products designed to make water safe and palatable for human consumption. The company is considering entering the Indian market for home water purifiers with its ‘Delight’ purifier. According to Blair Company Engineers, the Delight purifier should outperform anything currently on the market. Rahul Chatterjee, an international market liaison for Blair Company needs to evaluate whether the company should enter the market and, if so, how.

Johnson Electric

Paul Ellis

Johnson Electric. Johnson Electric is the world’s second largest manufacturer of micromotors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Johnson Electric produces around one million micromotors per day for a variety of applications ranging from automotives and power tools to household and personal care appliances. This case study explores several issues including growth, internationalisation strategies, and the integration of Western and Confucian business principles.

Nira Refinery

Bettina Büchel and Sanjoy Das

Nira Refinery. The Nira Refinery case documents the creation of a cross-functional team (Special Project Cell or SPC) in a state-owned enterprise (SOE) in India. The success of the cross-functional team in implementing an expansion project, however, led to discontent among other departmental employees who viewed the SPC as a favoured unit. The management had to decide regarding the continued status and role of the SPC.

The Serving Spoon Case

Ganesh N Prabhu

The Serving Spoon Case. C. A. Soi and Company (CASCO) is a small business engaged in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel serving spoons in India. While the returns from this business had been adequate to provide the owners with a comfortable standard of living as well as some surplus for reinvestment, the owners were concerned that the surplus for reinvestment was insufficient for a more rapid growth. The case looks at factors affecting competition in a fragmented industry where brand awareness and profit margins are low, and provides the context for examining how profitability can be improved in such a company.

Power Plants at Piton: Risk Assessment of an Infrastructure Project

Stefan M Huber and Christoph J G Paparella

Power Plants at Piton: Risk Assessment of an Infrastructure Project. Mr. P. Thomson, an investment analyst at Emerging Markets Capital Funds Corp. is considering participating in a financing arrangement for an Independent Power Producer (IPP) located at Paiton, in East Java. The project involves the construction of two 612 MW power plant units financed by European and Indonesian sponsors as well as institutional investors and commercial banks. Though highly leveraged, the financial package is backed by Export Credit guarantees and a political risk guarantee from the German government. Mr. Thomson needs to evaluate the risks involved in the project and decide whether to participate.

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